UK(South) Regional Group - First meeting

Post date: Feb 3, 2017 12:28:53 PM

On Thursday 2 February 2017 the first UK(South) Regional Group met up at MiddlesexUniversity. There were 12 representatives from seven institutions. Over the two and a half hours there was tremendous energy in the room and lots of shared themes that people wanted the group to cover over the coming years. It was also wonderful to hear that the positive experience so many of the group had encountered at the Stirling conference in November 2016 still resonated with attendees, and that people were really keen to sustain the momentum.

The group agreed some formal roles were required and agreed a Chair (Natasha Bennett Middlesex University) and Co-Chair (Pat Simons, Queen Mary University ). However, everyone in the room was keen to put in some effort to support the activities of the Lean HE network. They already have a jiscmail list you can sign up for to