Continental Divisions

Continental Divisions

Universities and similar organisations around the globe have unique needs, different contexts, existing networks, and their own challenges. Recognizing these needs in 2016 we established divisions to support institutions to build networks and further enable the transformative power of continuous improvement.

We have three Continental Divisions: for Europe, the Americas, and Australasia. Each division supports activities to meet the needs of the lean practitioners in their region. 

Lean HE Americas encompasses North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. This network will be enable universities and community colleges to learn, collaborate and establish lean as an improvement methodology across the Americas.

Lean HE Europe is currently building up an active network. We are keen to work with Lean HE practitioners throughout all of Europe.

Lean HE Asia Pacific gives university practitioners in the region an opportunity to network and learn from leaders in the lean in higher education methodology.

Global Collaboration

Lean HE fosters collaboration around the globe. As well as each of the Continental Divisions actively supporting activity appropriate to their area, which is itself often international in nature, we are making international links around the world. For example following our conference hosted in Stirling, Scotland, researchers from Polish Higher Education are conducted a study in North American and European institutions to share best practice, leading to a book publication.

Other areas

Our three Continental Divisions are based in Europe, the Americas, and AsiaPacific, but we aim to be outward looking. If you're not in one of these areas but would like to take part in any event, just get in touch; our activities are open to all practitioners working in the sector. We would love to hear from you.