The 5th Seminar Lean Higher Education for Polish universities

Post date: Mar 15, 2019 3:36:33 PM

On the 20th of February Dr. Justyna Maciąg organised the 5th LHE Seminar for Polish universities. The topic of the Seminar was: Towards continuous improvement culture – how to implement the process approach and Lean Management, and sustain a change in HEIs?

On the meeting, the attendees discussed experiences and issues related to the organisational, technical and cultural aspects of implementing the process approach and Lean Management. They agreed that the main barriers in changing the Polish HEIs are: the collegiate and bureaucratic model of management which strongly influences the leadership, and also lack of appropriate change management. The Polish sector of HE is under reconstruction, the new Higher Education Act has a great impact on the organisational sphere in universities. We are looking for new methods and tools for successful change. Lean Management seems to be a useful approach to change HEIs in Poland.

The seminar highlighted that there is a growing number of universities which are interested in Lean Management. 60 participants from 13 universities took part in the 5th Seminar. The feedback from participants was very positive. They underlined the strong practical approach, good practices and examples, also the possibility of networking. They pointed out that they have got a lot of energy and ideas on how to change the place of their work.

The next Seminar is planned for September 2019 in Technical University in Wroclaw. The Seminar LHE is becoming one of the most important events for managers in Polish HEIs, who are involved in Process Management and Lean Management. Justyna and her colleagues are going to constitute the Polish LHE network and create the groups in social media (FB, LinkedIn).

The link to the web site of Polish LHE network