Over the last 12 months participants of the Midlands and North Group have been busy sharing and learning…

Post date: Oct 15, 2018 12:21:10 PM

In November 2017 Sheffield Hallam hosted a seminar on Continuous Improvement: A journey from inception to reality in 18 months. It consisted of a presentation about SHU’s journey to develop their Continuous Improvement Service, with an interactive workshop element that showcased a couple of tools and techniques that SHU have found work really well for their service.

In March 2018 University of Leicester ran a session: Communications and Visibility - What's the Best Approach for Continuous Improvement/Lean Teams? The event was introduced by Professor Zoe Radnor and she talked about the importance of Lean/CI Teams to tell the story again...and again... and again... The outcome we overwhelmingly agreed with her and that we get known for what we have done not what we can do!

In July 2018 Leeds hosted a seminar: Exploring Lean Competencies in Higher Education. At this session we explored the “anatomy” of a Lean Practitioner and discussed a development journey for someone working in continuous improvement/lean.

On November 7, hosted by the University of Leeds, the Group is contributing to the UK Study Tour for colleagues involved in Lean/Continuous Improvement in international institutions. One of the themes we will be unpacking is sharing the varied approaches some of the UK universities have and then all have a discussion to share successes and learning on how to embed approaches in organisations. It will be interesting to hear whether there are marked differences or similarities.