Lean HE (Europe) Steering Group meeting - June 2017

Post date: Sep 14, 2017 5:58:34 PM

The Lean HE European Steering Group meeting in June hosted by Vincent Wiegel - from the University of Han NL

The Group were inspired by Vincent to be very action focused and we spent the day working on key topics - using post-it notes and a democratic selection process to choose the topics we would focus on a selection of the topics as follows:-

Lean and HE in 2050 - BOTS/Smart machines/thin processes

Culture and Wellbeing

Lean Maturity - building a model for Higher Education

Lean in smaller organisations

Admin processes and management info.

Lean HE Games

Mental movement - Waste


We split into smaller groups to tackle a sub-set of these topics - for example one group selected Kindness and debated how kindness and lean are aligned.

The group debated how kindness and lean were good companions and narrowed down the focus to embedding kindness into workshop planning and creating a framework to support lean facilitation. This group are working on this and will be ready soon to publish an article.

We also split into smaller teams to come up with ideas to promote Lean in HE, including collaborating to write articles for Linkedin.

Good progress in being made and watch this space to see how we are getting on.