Lean HE (Europe) Steering Group meeting - Feb 2018

Post date: Mar 7, 2018 4:48:48 PM

Update from the Lean HE Steering Group

Last week held our first meeting of 2018. The primary focus of the meeting was receiving an update on the Lean HE Conference preparation process. This will be held in Tromso this year www.uit.no/leanhe2018. The Steering Group is committed to supporting our colleagues at UIT, and are very impressed with the team's hard work and dedication thus far. It is going to be an amazing conference: the call for proposals is also live for people to submit ideas for conference presentations.

Other items of business included our support for networks within Europe: the UK has a number of regional groups that have seminars and events planned for 2018, there has already been another seminar hosted in Poland. We would love to hear about other activities that are happening in Europe.

In addition, the group continues to develop a Lean maturity model and to collaborate with other groups to support and enhance the core values of Lean HE.