21 March 2018 University of Leicester hosted the 4th Lean HE North and Midlands Regional Group Seminar: Communications and Visibility - What's the Best Approach for Continuous Improvement/Lean Teams?

Post date: Mar 22, 2018 1:36:38 PM

The event was introduced by Professor Zoe Radnor and she talked about the importance of Lean/CI Teams to tell the story again...and again... and again...

About 25 took part and we used the Lotus Flower technique to share ideas. We generated 108 of them. There was a lot of discussion and "take away ideas" from the event. One of the questions we started and ended with was "How much do we get known because of what we have done rather than say what we do?" We overwhelmingly agreed we get known for what we have done and building on the talk from Professor Zoe Radnor we agreed we have to make sure we keep telling that story.