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UiT The Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø, Norway 31 October - 2 November 2018

Everyday lean – from your story to my story

Learn from sector and world leaders in Lean thinking. Take away practical and theoretical approaches you can use from day one to improve your university.
Join us in beautiful Tromsø.

How do we get to a place where we do lean every day? 
Where continuous improvement is a natural part of everyone’s jobs, not in addition or on top of it?

This year’s conference will focus on implementing continuous improvement work in our everyday life. About making sustainable changes, involving senior leaders and changing cultural habits.

The presentations and different sessions will address this theme in different ways with different perspectives.

The main keynote speaker will draw the big picture of how organisations can work towards flow efficiency in order to create space and room for every day improvements; also pointing out his theory of the efficiency paradox. In the parallel sessions, there will be many opportunities to go deeper into different perspectives on this and more.

The 2018 Lean HE conference will be practical and applicable. Through the conference, participants will be challenged with new ideas and approaches to continuous improvement, and also have the opportunity to train in and apply new skills. We aim for an activity-based set of sessions.

For us at UiT our work is about people. Cultural changes. People’s genuine experience. In other words; deeply listening to peoples’ stories, to bring forth small or big changes every day.

Together our vision of the conference is to support us all in trusting the competence of all our people to be the driving force for change – to make improvements based on knowledge and engagement. To own our own stories together.

The annual international conference is awarded by the Steering Group to a conference host that best meets the aims of the Lean HE. In exchange, the steering group provides guidance based on feedback from previous events and their shared expertise, to help support a conference programme that is increasingly relevant to the needs of lean practitioners in HE today, and offers the most value we can.