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Best Practice Guide; Evidencing the benefits of Business Process Improvement in Higher Education

Lawrence H; Cairns N.J. (2015) University of Strathclyde

Becoming a Lean University: The case of the University of St Andrews Robinson M and Yorkstone S (2011)

2017 Lean in Higher Education Conference: Implementing, Measuring and Sustaining Change - presenters papers

How to get involved:

Our goal is to connect you with others in the higher education field that are considering how the Lean methodology can be used to improve service. Getting involved is easy - send your contact information and we'll include you in our communications, network series and seminars.

Contact information:

Hayley MacDonald

Chair, Lean HE Australasia


Meeting Dates 2020

24 June 2020 - Virtual Online Meeting and Breakout looking at best practice activities during COVID

6 March 2020 - University of New South Wales, Sydney - Seminar Series

Australasia Steering Committee, 2017


This network will give Universities the opportunity to share best practice to support service improvement efforts across the sector. The network will be a learning hub and a community of practice, enabling universities the opportunity to engage, collaborate and establish Lean in HE as a business improvement methodology in AsiaPacific. The aim of the network is to support the use of Lean and other Continuous Improvement methodology and tools in HE to facilitate service improvement efforts across the university sector.

Continental Division Committee

The AsiaPacific Steering Committee is governed by a steering group:

    • Hayley MacDonald (Central Queensland University) - Chair
    • Melissa Hankinson (University of Canberra)
    • Bikramjit Ghosh (University of Tasmania)
    • Zarine (Flinders University)
    • Alli Chensee (University of New South Wales)
    • Murtuza Kapadia (University of Melbourne)
    • Lakshmi West (Australian National University)

We welcome all interested higher education staff to attend our seminars, meetings and conferences. Members of the network are from all of the universities listed below:

If you would like to be part of the AsiaPacific Lean HE network, please could you contact the Chair to have you added to our members list and upcoming meetings.

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