Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values


Lean HE aims to ensure that continuous improvement philosophies within Higher Education (HE) are themselves always improving. We do this for the good of all those whom HE serves.


Lean HE will promote continuous improvement philosophies in HE through networking, the sharing of best practice and by supporting the delivery of a conference series.

The group’s work is intended to be:

  • Practice based and action focussed; informed by leading thought in order to support applied learning and the implementation of continuous improvement philosophies in HE.
  • Aimed at staff working within HE who are leading, implementing, or considering continuous improvement philosophies as part of their role.

To achieve this, Lean HE will aim to make the most of the skills of its members and available technology, while operating without a budget of its own.


To see the culture of HE embrace continuous improvement, bring about increased effectiveness and efficiency and thereby support the transformative power of Higher Education.


Lean HE aims to espouse the following:

  • respect for people
    • valuing people’s time and effort
    • valuing diversity
    • valuing creativity
    • acting with integrity
  • challenging the status quo through continuous improvement
    • taking an action-orientated approach
    • taking risks
    • learning from mistakes
    • enjoying endeavour