Lean HE Australasia: Could you host the International Lean HE Conference 2020?

posted 11 Mar 2018, 21:31 by valerie runyan
Lean HE Australasia: Could you host the International Lean HE Conference 2020?

The Lean HE Global Steering Committee is delighted to formally call for applications from the Lean HE Australasia Network to host the Sixth International Lean in HE Conference at their institution in 2020.

This Lean HE flagship event is intended to be a friendly, practitioner based conference, where around 150 to 200 people gather. It has become a highlight of the year for those who attend, and it is a truly global event, attracting delegates and speakers from all corners of the world.

The conference is only hosted in this continental division every three years, and gives you the chance to showcase your institution to the globe. Previous conferences have left a legacy for improvement in their home institution , and across the sector. It is a real opportunity to make a difference.

The conference is awarded to the organisation that best meets the selection criteria availiable here: http://www.leanhe.org/about-us/terms-of-reference

The conference has a focus on delegates taking action, learning from each other, and building a vibrant community of practice. This is demonstrated by the fact that every conference host commits that their event is run on a not-for-profit basis. It is also expected that the host keeps the event as affordable as possible.

It is a significant challenge to organise an event like this, but it is one that previous hosts tell us is a deeply rewarding one.

The conference host is fully responsible for organising the event, and is expected to be a full member of the Lean HE Global Steering Committee for 3 years. A guide to the mutual responsibilities of Lean HE and the conference host is available here: goo.gl/PyhhwX

Making an application:

If you are up to the challenge, you should make your application to the Chair of Lean HE Australasia Network, Valerie Runyan,  valerie.runyan@mq.edu.au  by June 30 2018. Your application should consist of no more than one A3 piece of paper; however this can be supported by brief ancillary materials."

The Australasia Network Steering Committee will review all submissions and make a recommendation for approval to the Lean HE Global Steering Committee at their August meeting. 

Lean HE Global will formally select the next host for the International Conference and advise the chair of Lean HE Australasia by September 15th 2018. The decision of the Lean HE Global Steering Group is final. Written agreement will then be sought from the Chair of Lean HE Global for the necessary arrangements, roles and responsibilities (including for example conference dates) from the host institution. 

The 2020 host university will formally be announced at the Lean HE 2018 AGM in October 2018 in Tromso, Norway . At this meeting one representative of the 2020 host institution will be invited in person to join the Lean HE Global Steering Group.