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How to get involved:

Our goal is to connect you with others in the higher education field that are considering how the Lean  methodology can be used to improve service. Getting involved is easy - send your contact information and we'll include you in our communications, network series and seminars.

Contact information: 
Hayley MacDonald  
Chair, Lean HE Australasia

Meeting Dates 2019

15 February - University of Tasmania - Seminar Series-

30 August - Flinders University, Adelaide - Seminar Series

Further dates TBA

Australasia Steering Committee, 2017

2019 Lean HE Australasia Meeting Meeting 2

posted 10 Jul 2019, 21:28 by Grace Bryant

The second divisional meeting of 2019 will be held in Adelaide, at Flinders University on 30 August from 10am-2pm. The agenda has been announced:

10.00am – 10.10am

Welcome from the Chair, housekeeping and introductions

10.10am  – 11.00am

Sam Osborne, SERCO – Overview of the Lean Maturity Model

11.00am – 12.00pm

Sorin Teleman, APA GROUP – One of Australia’s leading infrastructure businesses, shares their Lean journey

12.00pm – 1.00pm

Networking Lunch

1.00pm – 1.45pm

Design Thinking vs Agile – Battle of Frameworks

1.45pm – 2.00pm

Update - Lean HE conference study tour 2019


Meeting closes

A networking dinner will also take place on 29 August 2019. Please contact Hayley Macdonald, h.macdonald@cqu.edu.au if you are interested in attending either or both events.

February 15th 2019 - Agenda Network Meeting - University of Tasmania

posted 14 Jan 2019, 21:47 by valerie runyan

The first Network meeting for 2019 will be held in Tasmania at the University of Tasmania from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

We have an action packed agenda scheduled details below. Make sure you register your attendance!


10:00 - 10:10 Welcome from the Chair, housekeeping and introductions


10:10 - 11:00 Hydro Tasmania – the company has been on the Lean journey for a couple of years and  is in the process of rolling out the methodology across the company.


11:00-12:00 - BioFlex Nutrition, a Tasmania company that will share their Lean experience


12:00 – 1:00- Network Lunch with the  University of Tasmania's Vice -Chancellor, Professor Rufus Black  


1:00- 1:45 Presentation from the UTAS Lean Team and Michael Bonney from Productivity Improvers to tell us about the  use of the simulated work environment training, pro's and con's. As well as an update of the UTAS journey and plans for 2019


1:45-2:00 - Group discussion, updates  and plans for 2019


2:00pm - meeting closes

LEAN HE Seminar Series - December 6 2018

posted 19 Sep 2018, 18:30 by valerie runyan   [ updated 19 Sep 2018, 18:30 ]

The Seminar Series will be on Thursday the 6th of December at the Central Queensland University  Brisbane Campus, located in Anne Street, Brisbane 

The Seminar will be from 10:00am - 2:00pm

10:00 - 11:00 Mr Phillipe Cantin and Mr David Velasquez will be presenting on the Lean Journey  and the lessons learned at Suncorp

11:00 - 12:00  Presentation on the Lean HE Conference at Tromso Norway and the UK Study Tour, lessons learned, Brendan Snowden, Melbourne and Bill McKendry ACU

12:00- 12:30 Networking Lunch 

12:30 - 1:30 Melissa Hankinson, University of Canberra will lead the network members report on current projects priorities and pain points

1:30- 2:00   Kate Curruthers, UNSW,  to report back from her working group,  on the Share Site Development Project,  Grace Bryant to report back from her working group on the Models for Development of Joined Delivery of Lean HE Group discussion and closing

Lean HE UK Study Tour - following on from the Tromso Conference

posted 19 Jul 2018, 21:29 by Valerie Runyan   [ updated 19 Jul 2018, 21:34 ]

Brendan Snowden and Rachel McAssey from Melbourne and Sheffield Universities have organised this UK study tour following the Tromso Conference. The study tour is free, you will only need to cover your accomodation and expenses. Please give your expression of interest to Brendan Snowden brendan snowden@unimelb.edu.au by July 27th - don't miss this opportunity!!

Sunday 4 November

Fly Tromso to Edinburgh (direct flight available)


Edinburgh hotel (identify)


Monday 5 November

Edinburgh Napier University 10.00-16.00 (Steve Yorkstone will present an overview of the work of Edinburgh Napier and in the afternoon invite some local universities to share their stories)


Train to Glasgow - Glasgow hotel (identify) - approx 1 hour


Tuesday 6 November

Strathclyde University (10.00 - 14.00) Introduction to CI at Strathclyde (John Hogg to host)


Train to Leeds - approx 4 hours


Leeds hotel (identify)


Wednesday  7 Nov

Leeds Uni (10:00-15:30) an overview of their work (am) and in the afternoon invite some local unis to share their stories (Paula Dunn to host)


Train to London - approx 2.5 hours


London Hotel (identify)


Thursday 8 Nov

Middlesex Uni (10:00-16:00) to host an overview of their work (am) and in the afternoon invite some local unis to share their stories and hold a community of practice event. (Natasha Bennett to host)


London Hotel (identify)


Friday 9 Nov

Goldsmiths University (10:00-13:00) to co-host with Imperial University.


Lunchtime - study visit ends

Lean HE Seminar Series - July 18, 2018

posted 19 Apr 2018, 21:34 by valerie runyan   [ updated 9 Jun 2018, 17:33 by Valerie Runyan ]

The Seminar Series will be on  Wednesday July 18  at the Australian Catholic University in North Sydney

The Seminar will be from 10:00am - 2:00pm

10:00 – 11:00 Dr Stephen Weller, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy ViceChancellor (Administration) at Australian Catholic University, will present the ACU Lean and Service Improvement Journey
11:00 – 12:00 Steve Brown, Senior Manager - Continuous Improvement at RMIT University will present on using BPM in universities ( using Promapp)
12:00 – 12:30 Lunch
12:30 – 1:30 Hayley MacDonald, Manager Organsiational Capability at Central Queensland University will lead us through her secondment to Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland, working with a leader in the Lean HE space and the lessons learned.
1:30 – 2:00 Group discussion and closing

Lean HE Australasia: Could you host the International Lean HE Conference 2020?

posted 11 Mar 2018, 21:31 by valerie runyan

Lean HE Australasia: Could you host the International Lean HE Conference 2020?

The Lean HE Global Steering Committee is delighted to formally call for applications from the Lean HE Australasia Network to host the Sixth International Lean in HE Conference at their institution in 2020.

This Lean HE flagship event is intended to be a friendly, practitioner based conference, where around 150 to 200 people gather. It has become a highlight of the year for those who attend, and it is a truly global event, attracting delegates and speakers from all corners of the world.

The conference is only hosted in this continental division every three years, and gives you the chance to showcase your institution to the globe. Previous conferences have left a legacy for improvement in their home institution , and across the sector. It is a real opportunity to make a difference.

The conference is awarded to the organisation that best meets the selection criteria availiable here: http://www.leanhe.org/about-us/terms-of-reference

The conference has a focus on delegates taking action, learning from each other, and building a vibrant community of practice. This is demonstrated by the fact that every conference host commits that their event is run on a not-for-profit basis. It is also expected that the host keeps the event as affordable as possible.

It is a significant challenge to organise an event like this, but it is one that previous hosts tell us is a deeply rewarding one.

The conference host is fully responsible for organising the event, and is expected to be a full member of the Lean HE Global Steering Committee for 3 years. A guide to the mutual responsibilities of Lean HE and the conference host is available here: goo.gl/PyhhwX

Making an application:

If you are up to the challenge, you should make your application to the Chair of Lean HE Australasia Network, Valerie Runyan,  valerie.runyan@mq.edu.au  by June 30 2018. Your application should consist of no more than one A3 piece of paper; however this can be supported by brief ancillary materials."

The Australasia Network Steering Committee will review all submissions and make a recommendation for approval to the Lean HE Global Steering Committee at their August meeting. 

Lean HE Global will formally select the next host for the International Conference and advise the chair of Lean HE Australasia by September 15th 2018. The decision of the Lean HE Global Steering Group is final. Written agreement will then be sought from the Chair of Lean HE Global for the necessary arrangements, roles and responsibilities (including for example conference dates) from the host institution. 

The 2020 host university will formally be announced at the Lean HE 2018 AGM in October 2018 in Tromso, Norway . At this meeting one representative of the 2020 host institution will be invited in person to join the Lean HE Global Steering Group. 

Australasia Network Meeting - Friday, February 23 2018 -Canberra

posted 17 Dec 2017, 16:21 by valerie runyan   [ updated 28 Jan 2018, 16:52 ]

Australasia Network Seminar  Friday the 23rd of February 2018  - 10:00 am - 2:00 pm  
Mills Room,
Level 4 Chancellery Building 10
East Road  ANU Canberra

The seminar will include:
  1. Our external speaker and guest, Venetia Blackman, Assistant Commissioner, Corporate Applications, Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Venetia will reflect on what the ATO is doing successfully to deliver and lead large scale transformational change initiatives across Australia
  2.  Melissa Hankinson and Grace Bryant from the University of Canberra will present on their Lean in HE journey and the lessons learned.
  3. networking lunch
  4. Group discussion - What are the effects the new government funding arrangements (freeze for 2 years) is having on Institutions.  What  are universities doing to manage these funding cuts? What data are they using  to evaluate change requirements and what is the business process improvement units' role?
  5. Institutional updates
  6. Next meeting dates confirmed
Accommodation options that are walking distance to Canberra:  
1.       University House (within ANU)- 5 minute walk. Traditional older style accomodation - http://unihouse.anu.edu.au/hotel-accommodation/
2.       Hotel Hotel – 5 minute walk.  Modern and eclectic. https://www.hotel-hotel.com.au/
3.       QT Hotel – 10 minute walk.  Boutique accommodation https://www.qthotelsandresorts.com/canberra/
A number of events are happening in Canberra on the 23/2 and over the weekend (24-25 Feb).  This link showcases some of them- https://visitcanberra.com.au/events?filters={%22dateFrom%22:%222018-02-23%22,%22dateTo%22:%222018-02-25%22}

Please email valerie.runyan@mq.edu.au if you would like to register for this series, it is free of charge.

Don't miss out! Just five weeks left to register for Lean HE Conference 2017!

posted 19 Sep 2017, 14:57 by valerie runyan   [ updated 19 Sep 2017, 14:58 ]

Less than two months to go until Lean HE makes its first trip down under!

Registrations are filling fast with 32 expert presenters from 22 international organisations and a jam packed program, we're getting ready for a conference that will go down in the history books. 

Haven't registered yet? Register now! Link here: https://goo.gl/qg75t4

Griffith University - Seminar Series August 10 2017

posted 26 May 2017, 19:06 by valerie runyan   [ updated 16 Jul 2017, 19:59 ]

The  External Speaker will be  Cameron Murray, General Manager Commercial  for GOLDOC https://www.gc2018.com/people/cameron-murray

As the Commercial Manager for GOLDOC Cameron will give us an understanding of how GODOC delivers its outcomes, develops and refines its business processes from one major event to another and how it partners with sponsors and stakeholders to deliver its remit and obtain a greater understanding of the culture which underpins success. 

The agenda will include:

  1. Cameron Murray from GOLDOC
  2. A facilitated session led by Theresa Dau from Monash with a panel of Lean HE practitioners. The panel will cover lessons learned in the implementation and use of Lean in HE
  3. ANU will present on the frameworks they use to support planning in the service improvement space.

We will also have the opportunity for group discussion, networking, an update from all participating universities and where we are with the conference planning. 

It will be a very full day! Please confirm your attendance: Lean2017@mq.edu.au attendance is free.

Melbourne Seminar Series - May 4 2017

posted 20 Feb 2017, 17:19 by valerie runyan

The Lean in HE Australasia Network agreed to hold a series of seminars in 2017 with the first seminar to be on May 4 2017 from 10:00am - 2:00 pm at Melbourne University. 

The seminar will include:

1.  a speaker from outside the He Industry on Lean benefits realisation
2. new initiatives from the host of the series, Melbourne University on the use of robotic process automation
3. a chance for all members to discuss new initiatives,  changes and challenges
4. an update  on the 2017 Lean in HE Conference.

Please email Lean2017@mq.edu.au if you would like to register for this series, it is free of charge. 

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