Terms of Reference: Lean HE (Global)

Type of organisation
Lean HE is open to all, and is formed as a Non-Incorporated Association, governed by the Lean HE Global Steering Group.

Lean HE consists of three Continental Divisions, Lean HE Americas, Lean HE Australasia and Lean HE Europe.


Lean HE takes an interest in issues of the practical application of continuous improvement methodologies in Higher Education, according to it’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values.


The global steering group has the authority to:
  • Use its name, communication and branding in support of its Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values
  • Request that as a condition of membership of the steering group, all steering group members abide by decisions properly made by this committee
  • Award an annual international conference
The continental divisions have the authority to:
  • Use their name, communication and branding in support of its Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values 
  • Organise an appropriate schedule events for their region
    • These are to be open to all
    • And should be scheduled outside of the October, November and December
Continental Divisions will have additional terms of reference to support their work.


The global steering group is responsible for reporting in two ways: 
  1. Though an annual report
    • For example hosted on the committee website and promoted through social media and steering group members’ networks
  2. Through a verbal report 
    • For example presented at the annual conference
Continental Divisional Chairs are responsible for their activity in their region, and report on this to the global steering group.

Meeting arrangements

At a minimum the committee shall meet as described below:
  1. An annual general meeting is to be held at the annual supported conference, which should include the 
    • formal announcement of the next year's main conference date and location
  2. In between annual general meetings there should be at least one additional meeting of the global steering group in order to 
    • Receive conference proposals and 
    • Review the committee terms of reference
    • Discuss and publish matters of relevance
It is expected that:
  • Meetings should be action focused, use teleconferencing as appropriate and be kept to a minimum
  • Steering group members should operate outside committee meetings to discuss relevant matters, noting actions through electronic communication
  • Where committee decision making is required, this may be conducted outside of formal meetings through electronic voting, at the discretion of the secretary

Resources and budget

The Lean HE will operate without a budget, it will not make charge for membership and will distribute any content free of charge where possible.  
  • The costs of attending steering group meetings additionally to the annual conference, and steering group membership more generally, will be borne by each steering group member’s home institution
  • Any costs for meetings as part of the annual conference will be discussed and agreed with the host conference
  • Where necessary costs are required, the steering group will approach host universities for funding to cover these, but, the steering group will work to ensure these costs are minimal
    • For example this may include costs of domain name registration and web hosting


These are reviewed annually at our AGM.